Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Seismic Shift Teaser Chapter 1

They call me wolf girl, or sometimes just kwoli. They say I'm strange; I don't follow any of their rules, and that perplexes them. They are an ancient people made up of complex rules passed down throughout the generations. I have no true family, surviving on my own in the deepest part of the woods so far north I was nearly in Makah territory. The wolves were my friends, the deer my constant companions. The mountain lion was my prey, Ozette Lake both my bathtub and swimming pool. When I needed shelter, I huddled with the wolf pack under a rock outcropping. I am, and always have been, a fierce survivor.

They tell me there have only been two earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest in the last half century, one sixteen years ago and again when they found me five years ago.

Earthquakes are feared by the Quileutes as a sign that they've angered their ancestors in some way. From what they tell me, there was a shifting of the ground the year I was four that caused my parents’ car to crash into a hemlock tree. The vehicle was never found, and neither were the occupants. I can't say that I remember anything of how I came to be living in the forest, just that it's been my home for a very long time.

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