Friday, July 28, 2017

Seismic Shift Teaser Chapter 7

Edward was shadowed by the hemlocks that grow tall and straight beside our house, the density of the forest obscuring him. There must have been an emergency; he’d never risk coming here otherwise. I took off like a runner from the mark, into the house by one door and out the other, straight in front of Edward one hundred yards from the house.

“Bella!” He said my name like a prayer, but I held my hands up to stop him from touching me.

“What the hell, Edward, Seth almost phased because he sensed you!” I scolded him quietly.

“I know, I apologize. There might be an emergency,” he spoke urgently, his features twisted in worry.

“Might be?” I frowned, the dread churning in my gut.

“My family. They found out I’m looking for a place for the two of us. They do not oppose to you personally, but they cannot condone me being in love with a Quileute. No matter the distinction between you and the tribe members, you are one of them. Carlisle fears I would start a war between the tribe and my family if we move in together.”

“That’s ludicrous!"

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