Friday, August 11, 2017

Seismic Shift Teaser Chapter 9

It was easy to spend hours wrapped up in his strong arms and forget about our troubles. Nobody was telling us what we could or couldn't do. There were no rules and no treaty lines, there was just the two of us.

Somewhere during our third go around, lightning pierced the sky as I screamed out my lover’s name. Electricity ran in currents over my skin, and I felt the answering call of the wolf as I struggled to maintain my sanity. There could be nothing worse than shifting while Edward was above me, while we were so intimately connected. I was mindless in my pleasure, and brought ruthlessly back to reality at the thought of the impending change.

Rain, sudden and heavy, dragged a laugh straight out of my gut. Edward leaned down and captured my smiling mouth with his lips, laughing with me as he cradled me closely. The feeling had passed, and I knew we were safe for now, well, other than the downpour.