Friday, September 29, 2017

Seismic Shift Teaser Chapter 16


I had finally convinced Carlisle to speak to the other Quileutes, the ones that were not on the council. After some research on Bella and her ancestry I had discovered that Jacob Black was the direct descendant of two ancient families, and therefore the rightful chief. I urged Carlisle to persuade the others to hold an emergency vote as outlined in their ancient laws as a possibility and sometimes a necessity. They unanimously chose Jacob as their chief, ousting Sam, the elderly Quil, and Jacob’s father William, proving that many of the pack were tired of Sam’s reign. Sam had only disgraced himself more by stalking Emily Young once she moved to the La Push reservation, and Leah had broken their engagement as a result. Emily wanted nothing to do with Sam as well, leaving him to his own devices.

My family drafted a new treaty to offer at the first council meeting of the new members; Carlisle was adamant that being able to swear that I had been incommunicado with Bella would appease the elders and ease the transition. The new contract was more mutually beneficial and much less combative. I came back home to attend the meeting, observing Sue and Harry Clearwater as they helped Jacob to learn the ins and outs of running a meeting. They were friendly and warm, helpful and fully involved in the betterment of their community. It would be a welcome change to have members that cared about their people as a whole, and not merely holding a position of power. They were happy to help me find the oldest records of the tribe, the bits I hadn’t been able to find online. I had information on Bella that I wanted to confirm.