Friday, October 27, 2017

Seismic Shift Chapter 20 Teaser

“Are you going to be a moody vampire now? ‘Cause I feel like I need a heads up if I’m going to face angsty-emo-Ed.”

His gaze snapped to my face, and I wondered if I’d gone too far. His hand was still relaxed in mine, but I figured he could fake that shit all day long.

“Are you poking fun at me now?” His voice was rather stiff and formal.

“Maybe?” I answered, like I wasn't sure.

Edward stopped walking, and pulled my arm so that I spun to face him. “You insulted me and mocked me in the span of fifteen minutes. Impressive, Bella.”

That was right about the time any genius part of my brain should have realized that vampires are scary creatures capable of untold destruction. Instead, I giggled. My free hand came up to cover my mouth, but it was too late. Edward’s eyes widened before narrowing in on the hand over my mouth. He yanked my hand out of the way and pressed his lips to mine, holding my body close to his in a tight grip.

He broke away to speak. “This is the only thing that I need, Bella. You.” His gaze was intense, and I tingled all over.

“Now we must move further into the woods so that you may set your spirit free.”

I nodded again, taking his hand and resuming our quick pace. I did need to shift, and he needed to hunt.