Friday, November 10, 2017

Seismic Shift Chapter 22 Teaser

I stood leaning against the railing on the back deck at the Cullen’s home. My breath showed in thousands of miniscule droplets of ice every time I exhaled. The stars were magnificent pinpoints of light in a black silk sky, the moon a sliver of its usual self, barely visible. I hugged my arms and rubbed them to bring some heat to my body. It was probably time to go in, because I had truly become chilled. I only came outside for a breather from all the people in the house, but then I'd been captivated by the night sky.

My family and Jake were inside, strategizing with the Cullens. It was all overwhelming, to learn of my birth parents’ existence and then hear that Sam is a bigger threat than they'd originally estimated. I wanted to shift, to be the fierce wolf that was capable of taking out Sam and his rebel pack. I wanted to confront Quil, the old bastard, and demand answers. His son was out there somewhere, possibly still on the run, and he'd decided we weren't important enough to help.

There was a fury running under my skin, through my veins and into my bones. I felt it vibrating, eager to cause destruction. Me and mine were at risk, and I would do anything to protect them.