Friday, December 1, 2017

Seismic Shift Chapter 25 Teaser

Carlisle nodded. “I think it’s for the best if we change our plans a bit, involve Bella. We could all go, or just your mother and I with the two of you.”

“We need to keep it down to no more than four, which brings us back to me, Bella, and you and Esme.” I leaned forward. “If Rose is right, and all of us arriving would sound an alarm, then the Clearwaters will have to stay home. They smell vaguely of werewolf, and they could make things worse.”

“I thought I was the only one that noticed their stench,” Emmett put in.

“No, I’ve noticed it as well,” Jasper assured us all, his nose scrunched up like they were in the room currently.

“It's a good thing Bella doesn't carry that odor,” Alice added. “You’d never be able to get close to her.”

“And then all we’d hear is ‘Poor me! My mate stinks like a filthy pirate wench!’,” Emmett mocked me in a high-pitched voice.

I threw a pillow at him, which of course he caught. He stuffed it behind his head and grinned at me.