Friday, February 23, 2018

Seismic Shift Chapter 37 Teaser

Days had passed, and we spent all of them identically: fighting, training, learning. Three shapeshifters came to join our group, those that had been friends with Renée and Charlie for decades. Shelly, Maria, and Connor appeared nothing outside of normal. However, it was effortless for each of them to shimmer into a creature of their choosing. They had tried many, if not all, large and imposing predatory animals. The most fascinating choice was to emulate the werewolves. Due to their intimidating size and a desire to blend in, the other shapeshifters had agreed to match the Quileute's wolves.
There was trepidation, and rightly so, that the Volturi would always seek those that were unique. The three were not anomalies; rather, they had communities where they lived among others like them, where they hid in plain sight and tried to avoid detection. They wanted to live freely, without fear, and did not we all? So they stayed, and they learned with an open mind, and they trained to fight as the werewolves fought.

The only natural predator to a vampire was, in fact, the werewolves. They and they alone could pierce the flesh of a vampire with their massive teeth, could clamp down on our limbs and rip them from our bodies. Fire was to be feared, but werewolves were the stuff of legends. Vampires consciously chose to give a wide berth to tribes of wolves, which was only one reason we had chosen so long ago to hide amongst them.

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