Friday, March 16, 2018

Seismic Shift Chapter 40 Teaser

Esme was not quite whole, but her limp was barely noticeable. She went out of her way to include my sister in everything we did. In fact, all of my family had come together more often since then. Charlie made a formidable wolf, but he made a better father when all of his anxiety washed away with the destruction of the Volturi as we'd known them.

Frank would be happy to know he didn't have to live with a foster family, if he'd been sentient in that way. Instead, I was grateful for the both of us; I really loved that little guy. He'd warmed to other members of my family, though he still gave Jasper a wide berth.

Edward had healed as promised, the thin white scars resembling cracked marble in his otherwise perfect skin. We had since christened each room in our cottage, again. The reaffirmation was necessary for our peace of mind as well as the closeness of the mating bond.

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