Tuesday, May 22, 2018

1,500 Acres Chapter 2


I had to stop and sit down; I was working myself to death, and I knew it. I sat on the bench outside the chicken coop and used my bandana to wipe my sweaty face. My old hound, Rusty, plopped his butt next to me, leaning in to my hand as I scratched his ear. It had been months since my bastard husband had been put in the ground, and I had lost fifteen pounds from all the extra work I was having to put in. I needed a solution, and I needed it quick.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

FAÇADE Chapter 1

Got a secret
can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save
Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
If I show you, then I know you
won't tell what I said
'Cause two can keep a secret
if one of them is dead
~The Pierces, Secret

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Seismic Shift Outtake 2

I have seen a sunset in the Western sky
Ain’t nothin’ like the brightness in your eyes
And I have seen the moon reflected in the sea
But that don't compare to how you shine on me
After everything I’ve seen, I’d rather see you smile

I’ll make it known you are my world and nothing less

So will you dance with me
I will lead you
Give every moment that I have
Just to be near you
And when the songs end and everyone else leaves
Will you dance one more with me?

~Phillip Phillips, Dance With Me