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12 Days of Christmas- 12

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

When two people who've lost their way come back together to create one.

Part Two- The Beginning

When they woke late in the morning, they discovered their little cabin had been snowed in. Bella laughed at the snow drift that had built up outside their door, blocking them inside their cocoon.

Edward raided the mini bar for chocolate and liquor, and they ate leftovers from the party placed in the fridge the previous night by an employee.

While they sat naked together on the bed, he realized it had been a very long time since he'd seen her without her clothes on. He was dying to ask her why she'd wanted a divorce; he didn't think it was merely the hours he worked.

Satisfied with the night and the morning, Bella sat against her husband, resting on his chest and running her hands over his forearms. "How do you manage to stay so toned when you work so much?" she murmured, tracing the definition of his muscles.

He frowned. "I use the gym in the company's building."

"Oh." Her continued movements nagged him, but he couldn't place why.

"Does it… bother you… that I don't?" she said hesitantly.

"Don't what?" His frown deepened, and he covered her hands with his. "Bella, what's going on? What was last night really about?"

She wouldn't look him in the eye, even when he shifted his head to try. Finally he grasped her face and stared until she met his gaze.

"I've gotten fat," she whispered, hating the tremulous sound of her voice.

There was nothing but silence as he tried to process her absurd words, and she felt ashamed for having pointed it out.

"What? What the fuck are you talking about?" This confused him almost as much as when she'd asked for a divorce.

"I've gained weight over the last year. At first, it was only ten pounds and I didn't care so much. Then it was twenty, and thirty, until I had go up a few sizes. I feel fat, and the women talk about me behind my back, only they don't know I can hear them." She was sobbing at the end of her tirade, and Edward had wrapped his arms her and started rocking.

"Baby, I don't care. I never have. You're beautiful to me, and I love your body. Didn't I show you last night how much I love it?"

"I didn't know. I didn't know!" she sobbed.

"If I made you feel bad about yourself because I never thought to tell you I didn't mind the weight, or I forgot to compliment you, I'm really fucking sorry." He thought about something she'd said, and he was floored. "What women?" he demanded. She shook her head. "Tell me!"

"Your employees," she mouthed.

"Are you kidding me? My employees had the gall to disrespect my wife? Which ones?" He untangled himself and stood, forgetting his nakedness. "I'll fire them right now, tell me which ones!"

She'd never been more turned on by her husband as he stood there, undignified as he paced naked, indignation all over his face. His cock was partially hard, raised and pointing in her direction. She giggled through her tears. She couldn't help herself, she giggled at the absurdity of it.


"Did you just laugh at me?" He strode to her, pulling her up to her knees to meet his height.

"You look wonderful, pacing like a proud lion around the room."

His grin was quick, and he pressed his mouth to hers, devouring her lips with his. "You were gorgeous at the party last night, did I forget to tell you?"

She snorted. "It took me two months to find that dress, and I stuffed my fat into Spanx to look decent."

"What the hell is a Spanx?"

She giggled again. "Body shaper. Don't worry about it."

"Well, your tits looked amazing, as they do now." His hands were everywhere, and she moaned as he dipped his head to lick at her breasts.

"What about Tanya?" the words lurched out of her mouth unbidden.

His movements came to an abrupt halt. "What does my assistant have to do with anything?"

Bella sighed. "I didn't mean to say that."

"Come on, now you have to tell me. Has she done something?"

Bella sat back, pulling a pillow around to hold in front of her. "She told me she was going to sleep with you," she said in a tiny voice.

He inhaled sharply. "What?" He felt like that was all he'd been saying for the past two days.

"Every time I was there, she would criticize my outfit, my hair. She told me you were tired of me, that I was the fat and ugly wife, but she was the young and exciting mistress."

He took her shoulders, sitting next to her on the bed. "She's fired. I'll call her today and tell her. That's despicable, I cannot believe she said all of that."

"You can't fire her on Christmas Eve, Edward." She traced patterns on the pillow in her lap.

"The fuck I can't. No one talks to my wife like that!" he shouted.

"I should have told you."

"Yes, you should have. How long has it been going on?"

Bella looked at the pillow she was fidgeting with. "Since the day I met her."

Edward groaned. "No wonder you were sick of me. Bella, you know that none of that is true, right?" She didn't answer him. "Right?"

"The others whispered that you stayed at night to fuck her in your office, because you were tired of your dumpy wife."

Her voice was quiet and pained. Edward felt his heart break for his wife, because he'd been too foolish to notice that his staff was hideous. He scrubbed his hand through his hair.

"They fed your insecurities, and it damn near ruined our marriage!" he was back to pacing, only this time Bella didn't find it funny.

"I understand that you're mad at me, Edward."

"Mad at you? I'm fucking pissed at the staff I trusted! They've betrayed me by doing this." He knelt by the bed, taking her hands. "I do wish you'd told me." She gave a wan smile, and he brushed her hair off her face. "I don't ever want you to feel unwanted or inadequate. I love you, and your body turns me on."

He brought her hand down as he stood, and together they stroked the fullness of his cock, the proof that she did indeed turn him on. When he moved over her, pushing her back into the bed, she smiled genuinely at him. She'd been foolish to not tell him what she'd been feeling, but she'd been afraid of rejection. The insecurities were in her own head, not a reflection of how he felt.

"I love you, and that's never going to change," he repeated his words from the night before as he nipped at her skin. She wrapped her legs around him and was thrilled at the strength she had to pull him to her.

When his cock slipped inside her waiting body, she felt more connected to him than she ever had before. She felt like they were a team again.

"They're all fired," he groaned, working his hips against hers. "I'll hire hot men for you to ogle."

She laughed breathlessly, running her fingers through his hair and dragging his lips down to hers. "I only want to ogle you," she responded.

"I love you, my gorgeous wife."

"I love you too, Edward. I love you so much."

They had the best Christmas of their marriage that year.

12 Days of Christmas- 11

2 Turtle Doves

Turtle doves form strong pair bonds, and are often considered symbols of true love.

Part One- The End

On the twenty-third of December in the city of Seattle, Edward and Bella Cullen were shiny and polished at their company's Christmas party. The party last year had not been as large, but this year Edward had more success for his business, and more clients and employees to attend. What he didn't know, what he soon would find out, was that his wife was substantially more miserable than the previous year.

Edward had put everything he had into his business, working all hours of the day and night, travelling to clients and conventions, hiring more employees to fill in the blanks. For him, this was a celebration of the end of the nonstop working hours.

But Bella was fed up. She'd agreed to the long hours, she'd even put them in with him in the beginning, and that was fine, it was what they'd agreed on. What she couldn't stand anymore was the continuation of him sleeping at the office when there was now plenty of staff to go around. The worst thing of all, the thing that punched her in the gut, was the personal assistant that Edward hired six months ago. Tanya wore the most inappropriate attire, and Bella was sick of the way she flirted with her married boss. She felt heartsick at the way all of the female employees whispered that Edward had already succumbed to Tanya's charms because his own wife had gotten fat.

Maybe Edward was celebrating his success, but Bella was mourning the end of her marriage. She planned to ask for a divorce by the New Year.

When the revelry was over, and the hotel's cleaning crew was working on making the ballroom look presentable again, Edward led Bella to the rental cabin at the back of the hotel property. It was snowing lightly, and she burrowed into her coat silently. She'd had to buy winter clothes a size bigger this year, and the thought niggled at her mind, distressing her. Surely Edward was disgusted with her; they never made love anymore, he was never home in time to eat dinner with her. He was most likely having an affair with his secretary, which was so cliché she wanted to puke.

"Do you want a drink?" Edward asked after letting them inside. He moved to the fire started by the concierge before they arrived, hoping to warm up. He barely heard her quiet 'no' before he glanced up to see her moving to the bathroom with her small bag. He frowned as she closed the door behind her.

Bella washed her face and brushed her teeth, dressing in her favorite sleep tank and boxers. When she emerged, she folded her arms across herself until she located the hotel robe and slipped her arms inside it, feeling more comfortable with her body covered.

"Bella? You've been awfully quiet this evening. Do you not feel well?" Edward took the chair next to hers, studying the frowning exhaustion on her face.

"I'm fine." She ran her hand over her face, her nerves raw and setting her on edge. "Actually, that's a lie. I want a divorce," she spit out.

"What the fuck?" he exploded. "What would make you say such a thing?" Edward was beyond shocked. He didn't understand why she'd say it, or worse, why she'd mean it.

"I'm just done living alone, Edward. You're never home. What is the point of being married if we never spend a minute of time together?"

She didn't even sound mad, which scared Edward more than anything. "We agreed that I would spend my time at the office until things were settled. I know I've been absent, but we discussed this ahead of time. I thought we were on the same page." He was really starting to panic.

"I know that," she said harshly. "I also know that things have evened out, and you're still not coming home at night."

"I've gotten there with your help, with your support. Everything has just finally reached a point where I feel like I can let go a little, and that's the biggest relief."

"Whether you loosen the reins or not, I'm done. I'd meant to wait until after the holidays, but I just can't do it anymore."

He breathed raggedly for a few minutes, trying to absorb her words, but he just couldn't. "I think that if you sleep on it, maybe you'll change your mind. This is not what I want, Bella."

She knew that sleeping on it would only harden her resolve, but he knew there was no way he was going to let her sleep. Just like there was no way in hell he was letting her go. Maybe it took throwing around words like 'divorce' before two people realized what they really and truly wanted for their lives.

Bella was simply weary of being alone so often. She had a career that demanded her attention, but she still managed to be at home in the evenings, sometimes in time to eat dinner all by herself. Edward's company had been young enough that he needed to devote himself to it fully, or it could collapse, but no more. She could deal with that if she thought there was an end in sight.

What she couldn't accept were the rumors that the only reason he stayed so late every single night was to fuck his secretary. She'd never liked his choice, couldn't stand to be in her presence, and knew without a doubt that the woman wanted to sleep with her husband because she'd told her that much.

Edward was clueless to that tidbit of information. He didn't hire Tanya because of the way she looked or the clothing choices that bordered on inappropriate. He didn't notice her, he only had eyes for his wife. He had never considered being unfaithful, and had no idea that she thought that now.

Bella didn't know what else to say to her husband of five years. She sighed wearily and climbed into the large, soft bed. At least she had the chance to lay beside him one last time.

Edward finished his nightly ritual, leaving his shirt off and retiring in his underwear. When he saw Bella curled up on the very edge of the bed with her back to the middle, it saddened him, and he climbed in resolutely.

Reaching across the expanse, he gently touched her shoulder with his fingertips. "There's no need to be way over there."

She shivered at the simple, yet longed-for touch. "I'm tired, Edward."

"I know you are." The deep sadness at the underlying truth could be heard in his voice. "Please, just let me hold you."

Reluctant at first, she slowly rolled until she was flat on her back. Edward scooted closer until their arms brushed. The familiar spark of lust was there, and he intended to capitalize on it. Just the tips of fingers at first, trailing over her knuckles and across the back of her hand. Up the delicate wrist bones, tickling the fine hairs on her forearm. She gasped quietly, unable to hold in the way he made her feel. Just to feel again, anything at all, was overwhelming.

When he shifted to face her, his questing fingers grazed her jaw before roaming to the back of her skull to massage. She breathed out loudly again, and he smiled in the dark room. Lips followed, grazing her jawline with a whisper of touch. "I want to make love, Bella, like we used to. It's been so long, and you're leaving me in the morning."

Knowing it was futile to pretend to either of them that she didn't want that, she nodded. Realizing he couldn't really see her nod, she spoke on a breath of air. "I want it, too. One last time."

Feeling the thrill of victory course through him, his blood sang in his veins, throbbing into his cock. He wanted his wife, wanted to make love to her again, but mostly he wanted the chance to fuck her until she forgot the word divorce. He would be the only thought on her mind tonight, and hopefully for the rest of their lives.

He rose up on his hands, hovering over her prone body. Recalling the way her luscious curves filled his hands, he leaned down onto an elbow, relaxing on his side. His free hand stroked over her skin, feather light touches that made her shiver. Her collarbones, her throat, into her hair. His nose skimmed along her cheek, brushing her nose. She lifted her face in an effort to kiss him, but he deflected. She tried to stifle her annoyance; one of the things she missed the most was the way he could kiss her senseless with those lips.

Edward had only one goal. He was going to drive her to the brink of insanity before making her come as many times as she physically could. Then he would finally fuck her until she was sore, crying out his name, and remembering why they got married in the first place.

He figured he was off to a good start when she stuttered out a low moan. He moved from light touches to kneading, squeezing and groping her breasts, thumb flicking at her nipples, tight beneath the thin tank top she liked to sleep in. His hot mouth hovered before taking one into his mouth, and Bella thought she would come up off the bed. Her body arched like he'd pulled a string, connected to him even subconsciously.

His hands moved again, stroking under the edge of her shirt. Across her abdomen where the muscles tightened, across her rib cage where her breaths labored through her lungs. Roaming touches ignited a path of fire, lower now, lower until her shorts became an obstacle. When he slid them down an inch, she began to pant. Nobody had touched Bella there in months, unless she counted her own two hands. Still he did no more than light passes, causing her to quiver with need.

Wanting to move things along, she sat up, yanking her tank over her head. The look in his eyes satisfied her, the carnal lust sending her into a high. He touched her, avoiding her sensitive nipples, making circles around her breasts, ghosting over her ribcage again.

Edward shifted lower and she thought she'd won. He knew by the sharply inhaled breath that Bella expected more than him rubbing her feet. The arches, then the ankles, up to her calves. She didn't know her legs could be so erogenous, but she quickly realized they were as he moved to her knees, teasing behind the bend. Her legs came up, bent and resting open, hoping for relief.

Edward chuckled to himself. He wasn't going to make it that easy on her. He did find his way to her creamy thighs, and he loved that she was fuller there than when they'd first met. She had curves that she feared were unattractive, but he loved for her to be healthy, not merely skinny.

He nipped at the flesh of her inner thighs with his soft lips, and she gasped. "If I forgot to tell you how much I love your body, I apologize. If I forgot to show you, let me make it up to you now."

She moaned wantonly as he massaged and worked his way to her shorts, lowering them until he was facing her pussy. It had been too long, he thought. He skimmed around her wetness, still teasing her until she arched again, hoping to force him to do something, anything.

He didn't. He moved back up her body, kissing and licking every available bit of her skin. She mewled, she shuddered, she writhed, as hot breath and tongue met with soft nerve endings lit like a live wire. Every piece of her was on the verge of explosion, and her walls clamped together in search of release that she couldn't yet find.

Edward was pleased with himself. He knew she was going out of her mind, that he was making her feel crazy with lust. He would wait until she begged, and then she would be rewarded. He took his time, mostly focused where he knew she liked to be touched the most, sucking on her throat and playing with her nipples. She made him so hard with her noises that he was leaking, holding on to his control as tightly as he knew how. He would wait until the time was right before he got his own reward.

"God, please Edward," she gasped, and he grinned. "Please, please!" she cried as she writhed.

"Oh, baby, you just had to ask," he responded as his hands went to her pussy, finally giving her what she wanted.

He slipped his long fingers inside her wetness, feeling the warmth and contracting muscles. He stroked with a curled finger, and she bucked. His thumb moved to her clit, and she immediately cried out. Knowing she was close from the foreplay, he worked her in circles until she shuddered, panting out incoherent words.

She reached for him, and he kissed her, tangling his tongue with hers. He didn't remove his hands, but continued to work her into another frenzy. As her second orgasm came over her, he kissed her with all of his love, accepting her cries into his mouth.

Just as Bella thought he would finally lose his shorts and put that cock to good use, he shifted his weight down her body, back to resting between her legs. His tongue darted out, and her clit was already sensitive from his fingers. She cried out, disbelieving that he was still only concerned with her pleasure.

"I don't think I can take any more," she panted.

"But you can, my love. And you will." He spoke against her skin, and she felt the vibrations straight to her core. There was a heat building, starting at her toes as they curled, then moving up the nerves in her legs until it expanded in her abdomen. The fire spread, consuming her limbs until she was certain she was nothing but a pile of ash, and her muscles convulsed involuntarily.

"Edward! Oh, God!" she screamed.

He slipped his hands under her backside, licking her one last time before rolling her over. He ran his hands over her ass, pulling at her hips until she was braced on her hands. Bella gripped the bedding in her fists, reeling from three orgasms as Edward pulled his boxers off, leaning over her and kissing her shoulder blades and neck. She whimpered, reaching back to him wherever her hand could make purchase. Pausing in the ravishing of his wife, Edward took her hand in his and squeezed it before moving to line up behind her. He smacked her ass twice as she moaned and whined before pushing his hard cock all the way into her pussy.

He had to still himself as she cried out again, afraid he'd blow too soon. She felt so good, and her ass looked amazing from his vantage point. He pulled out all the way, slamming back inside her as she shouted. He started a fast rhythm, pounding into her from behind as they both gasped for breath.

Bella knew that she was going to come again by the way he stroked her from the inside at that angle, at the most tender spot. It was bone crushing when she shattered, her loud moans muffled in the pillow. If she thought he was going to give her a rest after that, she was wrong.

Edward pulled out, his hands roaming over soft skin before he turned her back over by the shoulders. Looking down at her flushed face, he rubbed his hard length over her folds before dipping back inside. She met his gaze, and was startled to see the love overflowing from his eyes. It was a shock, to realize how wrong she'd been.

"I love you, Bella, and that's never going to change." His hips pressed tightly to hers, moving away slowly before meeting again. "Did you think I was faking, every time I was lying next to you?"

"I- I didn't know what to think." She shook her head as he leaned toward her, tears escaping as he kissed her tenderly, hips still moving. "I don't know what I was thinking."

Edward increased his pace, thrusting harder and deeper as he labored for breath, and Bella gripped his arms, pulling his body flush to hers. Her hands clutched at his back, trying to meld them together as one. When his tempo increased, and he lost the control he'd thought he had, she screamed his name loudly as her sensitive body betrayed her, orgasming one more time.

"I love you, Edward," she said, short of breath, as he emptied inside her.

They slept, sated and exhausted, and curled around each other.