Monday, December 25, 2017

Right Where I Want to Be Futuretake

Sinuous movements, legs crossing one over the other as I stalk forward on fuck-me heels. Dipping low, a glimpse of cleavage and my lip between my teeth. Harsh breathing from the man in the chair bringing wetness between my legs. Circling, backing away before fingers can touch, thighs rubbing thighs. A sigh, a whisper of breath, a groan, and a tug. Swaying my hips and backing up, squatting before coming back up and slipping my bra straps off my shoulders, one at a time. Holding my breasts in my hands, I shimmy the cups of my bra down to my waist where I let it stay for now. Turning around, shimmying my ass closer and closer, knowing he can't touch. Resting my weight on his lap, feeling the hard bulge and thrilling that it's all for me.

My hands are on his knees as I rock my hips, and his breath is hot on my bare back. For my own pleasure I lean against his chest and allow him to bite me—my shoulder, my neck, as I cry out how good it feels. His cock is insistent against my ass as I grind; bringing my hands back up, I twist my nipples as he bites my neck again just where it turns into my shoulder. His moans almost get me there, but I'm not done torturing him just yet.

So I stand, naked from the waist up. I unhook my bra and toss it in the corner, showing him part of what he's looking for. My finger trails over the wet line on my tiny thong, then I drag the pad of my finger down my tongue as he whimpers.

"You left me alone," I purr as I lean and sway. "Three whole days all by my lonesome."

"You have no idea how sorry I am," he says, his voice guttural. "Please forgive me," he implores.

"Maybe." I slip one side of my panties over my hip. "After your punishment."

He groans again, and I grin at him. My thumbs in each side, I slip and slide the edges of my panties as a good tease does. When I finally lower them and kick them off, I step closer and prop one heel on the chair Edward is stuck in—since I cuffed his hands behind him—to ensure he gets a good look at what he's after.

"Fucking Christ, Bella, what are you doing to me? I can see how wet you are. You're dripping for me, let me take care of you."

I shrug and drop my leg. "Maybe."

He lowers his head and looks up at me from under his lashes as I back up again, wearing nothing but my stockings and my heels. I dance by myself for a few minutes, ignoring Edward for the time being.

"If I release you, will you follow my orders?" I ask as I come to stand in front of him again, my hands on my hips.

"God, yes."

Picking up the key off the dresser, I unlock the handcuffs and rub his wrists for a second. "On the bed, your head at the end."

"Yes ma'am," he readily agrees. Standing, Edward stares at me for a full five seconds before I point at the bed. I know he's tempted to throw me down and go for it, but it's not happening. Yet.

He lays down on his back, his head at the foot of the bed. I back up to him and pull on him a little until his head is tilted just off the edge.

And then I straddle his face and let him 'take care of me.' My hands go to my head as his tongue comes out and strokes and flicks and drives me insane. I cry out my pleasure as his hands come up to play with my ass. Minutes pass and I feel the tightening, the burning, the exploding pleasure. I shamelessly ride his face as I come down from my orgasm, stumbling a little until he grips me tighter.

"It's officially all you," I pant, and that's literally all it takes for him to pounce, picking me up and pushing me face down against the bed. Edward drives into me deeply, his cock rubbing against all the sensitive places he so recently awakened.

"Do you feel that? That's what you do to me, Isabella." His voice is tight and controlled, but I know he's going to lose it soon.

My shouts and cries are loud, along with the sound of his body slapping into mine. "Leaving… has… consequences," I huff.

"I'll take the punishment any time," he assures me, slamming into me over and over.

"So will I."

His pace quickens until there's no breath for talking because he's stolen it from me. I can only hold on and feel when he wraps long fingers around my throat and squeezes lightly. It's just enough pressure to leave me lightheaded and heighten the pleasure he's bringing me. His hips falter, and I rub my clit furiously in order to join him in falling over the edge.

"Fuck!" he shouts as he comes, collapsing his weight over my back. Stars are still swirling behind my eyelids as he maneuvers me up onto the bed and curls around me, trying to catch his breath.

"Welcome home," I mumble, and he chuckles.