Monday, August 14, 2017

Right Where I Want to Be Chapter 4

I'm not surprised to see him the next night, watching as I dance the same routine to the same song. I have other numbers earlier in the night, but I wait for the place to be full before doing my most popular number, the one that makes the older clientele think they're getting a virginal schoolgirl. It seems that my mysterious and handsome stranger is becoming a regular, and he even steps forward as I make my circle, tucking a handful of bills into the strap on my hip. The feel of his fingers on my skin does wicked things to my insides, so I step into the backstage area for a breather when I'm done with him, spotting the owner standing in front of my vanity.

“Whataya want, Jake?” I ask in a bored tone. He's not a horrible boss, but he makes it obvious that he has nothing but disdain for the dancers. Hypocrite.

“You're doing a private, right now, in room three.” His impressively thick arms are crossed over his chest, and he's leaning cockily against my chair.

“The fuck I am, Black.” Who the hell does he think he is?

“The fuck you aren’t, Swan. He gave me five to ensure you do it, and there's another five for you after. I don't care if you have to give him a rim job, you make that guy happy. Understood?”

“Maybe you should give him a rim job! You're supposed to have my back, asshole!” I fume as I throw my hands in the air in frustration.

He snorts. “You have your own back, and you know it. I don't even have to have a bouncer standing outside the door.”

“Nice. Way to move from sleazy strip club owner to sleazy boss forcing the girls to sell themselves.”

“Hey, this club is not sleazy!” he protests.

I roll my eyes. “No, but you are.”

I turn and walk away from Jake, heading to the private rooms. I’m sure I know who it is, but I'm still not having sex with him. I open the door to room three and step inside, closing the door and leaning against it. He looks at me and I look at him, and I just stand there. There's no denying I'm attracted to him, but I won't break my rule for anyone. He sits there on the red velvet love seat, all gorgeous and wind blown hair, green eyes and chiseled jaw. I want to hate him for being so fucking hot. I want to fuck him for being so fucking hot.


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