Friday, July 28, 2017

Jack & Crush Chapter 22

I've, I've been gone, I've been gone too long
Don't give a damn what these keys are for
I'm gonna knock down that front door and
I'm gonna find out what that house is made of
Been too many nights since it's felt us make love
I wanna rock some sheetrock
Knock some pictures off the wall
Love you baby like a wrecking ball

You, look at you
Damn, you really turn me on
But if I can make it just one more day
That whole house is gonna be shakin'
I hope those bricks and boards can take it
But I won't be surprised
If the whole damn place just falls

Wanna rock you baby like a wrecking ball
And that old house is gonna be shakin'
Rafter rockin', foundation quakin'
Crash right through the front door
Back you up against the wall
Love you baby
Take you right there, baby
Rock you baby, like a wrecking ball

~ Eric Church, Like a Wrecking Ball


The second we made it through the door, I dropped my crutches and pushed her against the wall. They made a loud clatter as she giggled, gripping my hair in her fists as our mouths met hungrily. This was what I'd dreamed of, waited for, since being deployed. Having Bella in my arms again was the answer to my prayers. I grasped for her hips, running my hands up her sides and moving them to her hair, tilting her head and plunging my tongue past her lips.

"We've got to get to the bedroom, Edward," she panted against my mouth. "You can't hurt yourself on my account."

I pressed my hips into hers, eliciting a seriously hot moan from her kiss-swollen lips as my cock ground into her core. "I could take you right here, up against this wall. Any pain would be more than worth it," I growled in her ear.

I attacked her throat, kissing and nipping my way back to her mouth. I kissed her again, molding my hands to her breasts and teasing her tight nipples as her piercings strained against her shirt. I changed course, running my hands down her hips and under the skirt she'd been torturing me with since I stepped off that plane. Finding her without panties while we were at dinner earlier had sent me over the edge. I stroked her clit now, and her breath stuttered.

"Edward," she moaned. "Bed. Now."

Reluctantly, I shuffled back from her body, and watched her bend at the waist to retrieve my crutches. Her ass cheeks peeked out at me; she was going to kill me before we made it to the bedroom.

She turned and handed them to me, and I made my way in front of her to her bedroom. Our bedroom. When I made it to the bed, I left them against her closest dresser before sitting down. She immediately came to me and straddled my lap, her skirt rising up and inviting my hands to touch soft skin. She mewled in her throat as I reacquainted myself with the curve of her ass, her lips touching mine gently over and over. Her nimble fingers unbuttoned my fatigue shirt, and I gladly shed that representation of myself. I whipped my undershirt over my head before quickly working on the tank Bella wore.

When our hands both went for my pants, I couldn't help but laugh. Her reddened lips turned up in a grin, and she brushed my hands aside to do the work for me. She stood, pushing me back on the bed and working my pants down my hips. I gasped when she freed my cock and immediately sank her mouth down over my entire length. My hands went to her hair, tugging gently in time with her rhythm. She finally reached for my shoes, letting go of me with a pop that made me want her all the more.

My boots clunked to the floor, and she managed to yank my pants all the way off my ankles. When she straightened again, the hunger in her eyes was unmistakable as she lost her skirt and climbed into the bed with me. She straddled me again, wasting no time before sinking down over my cock, and my girl was practically dripping.

"Fuck, your pussy feels so good," I ground out, easily the happiest guy in the world as Bella rode me. Her eyes were glued to mine as I palmed her beautiful breasts and she ran her hands over my chest, gripping my dog tags. I worked my hips to meet her movements, knowing it wouldn't be long before I exploded inside of her.

"God, Bella, I love you."

Her response was a long cry as her inner walls clamped down on my dick, making me see stars as I exploded. She collapsed over my chest, working to catch her breath. My fingers stroked over her back and her hair, which was a mass of messy waves covering the both of us.

"I love you, too," she whispered finally.

As she shifted and snuggled up next to me, I thought about the way she'd looked when she stood next to my parents on the tarmac. Joy radiated from her pores as she bounced on her toes, wearing a pink camo tank top and a tiny pink skirt. Her wild hair was loose around her, blowing in the warm June breeze. My mom had her arm around her, and her other arm linked with my father's. It was the most welcome sight I'd ever encountered.

They waited as I made my way down the ramp on my crutches; the medic had tried his best to convince me to use a wheelchair, but I'd adamantly refused. I didn't need to do anything to increase their fear and worry, and I was determined to move forward in my physical therapy. I was slow but steady as I went, until I reached a little past halfway. Then I saw her speaking to Mom, looking to me and back again, biting her lip. Finally Bella broke away from the crowd of loved ones waiting for their soldiers, racing across the expanse between us until I just stopped and braced myself, catching her up as she slammed into me. We went back a few paces, and the crutches dropped from under my arms. I didn't care about anything else in that moment but holding her and gazing down at her beautiful face. She had tears streaming from her molten chocolate eyes, her lashes wet and sticking together. Finally she pushed up and cradled my face in her hands until I leaned down, our mouths meeting in a salty mix of our tears.

My parents came over at a more modest pace, hugging me, picking up my crutches, my mother crying. They'd planned dinner for us in town, and I couldn't stop touching Bella on the drive there or at the table.

That was when I discovered her commando state of undress. My fingers wandered, skimming under the hem of the tempting skirt, the table hiding my errant ways. She carried on talking to Carlisle as if I wasn't creeping closer to her center, and when I reached the spot that should've been covered I looked at her sharply. Still giving nothing away with her facial expressions, she smiled serenely when my finger passed over her lips. Shifting in her seat, she widened her knees and invited me in. My long fingers came in handy as she sat flush against me in the corner of the booth. I teased her as I watched her talking to Dad about the bar and her father, lazily running my fingers up and down over her slit before finally circling her clit.

Bella stopped talking and shifted her hips before taking a long sip of her drink. I could tell she was losing her control, as I mercilessly flicked at her clit with my middle finger. I saw the flush rise on her chest, the way she bit her lip as she nodded at Carlisle instead of answering out loud. One hand gripped my wrist, holding my hand in place, and the other opened and closed on top of her leg. I watched in fascination as her jaw clenched and she held her breath. I felt the tension in her thighs as they slammed shut, the muscles quivering under my touch. I stroked her as she came back down, leaning towards her to whisper in her ear.

"Enjoying your dinner?"

"Immensely," she answered me with a laugh.


Having Edward back home was… perfect. My house felt full and warm again, my soul was settled and no longer trembling with the what ifs. Edward was healing, though he needed a bit of help getting around. He was going to go to the local rec center to use their weights and equipment to work on his physical therapy in the week he had off before going back to work on light duty.

We had his welcome home party on Sunday after he arrived back, all of our friends and family gathering at the bar for a private celebration. His mom and I had baked his favorites, and my mom had decorated the place with balloons and a banner. I could see the relief on Jasper's face as they embraced, and there was no macho one armed man hug for those two. Alice was just beautiful as she drew closer to her due date, and I overheard them talking about a quiet trip to the courthouse now that Edward was back. It was sweet that she'd agreed to wait for Jasper's best friend before they got married, and I knew she'd never been interested in a big ceremony with a big dress.

Ro came to find me as I arranged some plates near the finger foods and desserts, her blonde hair curling around her shoulders in two long pigtails.

"What's up, Daisy Duke?"

She rolled her pretty eyes. "I wondered if you needed help," she said, resting her hip on the edge of the table.

"No. You should be resting those feet after all the time you've spent covering for me."

"That's what friends are for, so don't worry about it. Anyway, Emmett rubs my feet after a long day."

Now I rolled my eyes. "Of course he does. Well, if you're not too tired to help, I set some beers in the ice. You could pass those out for me."

She surprised me with a tight hug first. My arms went around her, and I gave back as good as I got.

"I love you, and I'm so fucking happy he's home," she whispered in my ear.

I teared up as she pulled away, then watched her disappear behind the bar. Smiling, I made my way to Edward as he sat at the largest booth flanked by his parents.

He grinned up at me. "Are you still playing hostess, or will you sit with us?"

"I think I'll sit. Rose is passing out beers, and I want to make sure I get one." I sat next to Esme, who wrapped her arm around my shoulder and squeezed.

"Edward, do you remember Grandma Platt's wedding set?"

He looked at her with surprise in his green and gold eyes. "Yeah. You said you were saving it for something special, and I always assumed you meant a future granddaughter." I could see when it dawned on him what she was saying, and I felt the blush covering my chest and face as the warmth crept upwards.

Esme looked at me as she spoke again. "I'm going to let you make that decision, but I'm positive I don't have to wait for a granddaughter before giving them to you."

The easy grin that split his face was answer enough. "I think you're right, Mom. I know just what to do with them."

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