Monday, October 30, 2017

Right Where I Want to Be Chapter 39

True to his word, Edward tucks me into my bed with some Advil and bandages for my knuckles, plus a kiss to the forehead. He spends a few minutes in my bathroom before crawling into bed behind me, pulling my body close to his. I’m not completely stupid, so I’m wearing a nightgown and he's wearing his underwear and undershirt. Still, he’s semi hard as he holds his muscular frame against my soft curves, and I have to tamp down on my building desire. I really am exhausted.

Sleep comes easily tucked against Edward’s chest, and it’s solid and restful. I wake up alone, but I smell coffee coming from the other room. We’ve never come to my place, so I assume he just searched for what he needed. When I glance at the clock, it reads nearly ten-thirty. I think it was about three when we finally made it to bed, so I’m not surprised.

After a quick trip to the bathroom, I find Edward reading the newspaper at my small kitchen table. He does, in fact, have a cup of coffee. I can only stare at him for an embarrassingly long time. His hair is disheveled and his shirt wrinkled. He hasn't dressed, so if I turn my head just right I can see the impressive bulge resting between his legs. His scruff is delectable, his eyes cast down beneath his full brow.

“See something you like?” he says, and I yelp at being caught ogling. He merely laughs at me. “Would you like some coffee?”

I nod dumbly as I stare at him some more. I sink down into the other chair at the table and watch him being domestic in my kitchen. He uses my single cup coffee maker and digs my creamer out of the fridge, bringing both to me with a soft kiss. I’m tempted to pull him tighter and let it linger, but I don’t. When he sits back down I stir my coffee and take a sip, watching him watching me.

“Breakfast first, or conversation?” he asks.

“I have bagels. That only takes a few minutes.”

He gets back up and looks in the pantry, and I get up and pull out the cream cheese. We make our bagels in companionable silence, sitting back down when we’re done. He takes a drink and then jumps in.

“I’ve thought about it all night while I held you. I want you to know everything, because you’re it for me.”

My mouth drops open at his words, and I watch his throat work as he swallows. “Okay,” I whisper.


  1. Well I'm happy that Edward is finally going to be honest with Bella and himself.

    1. It's time for him to put it all on the line.