Thursday, November 9, 2017

Right Where I Want to Be Chapter 44

After saying goodbye to everyone, I make my way to the changing room and the shower. I can’t stand my sweaty self for one more second. I drop my bag near the entrance to the stall and think back to the day as I lather up.

Carlisle and Esme were very nice. They made me feel comfortable, and I could see Edward’s features in his aunt. He seemed a little nervous, and I suppose not seeing your family for years can do that to you. Alice had been encouraging him to open up to them more, but he told me he felt like he was somehow toxic; that he ruined everything he came in contact with. He’d been working with a therapist for years, but he admitted to keeping his worst fears to himself. Obviously that’s not useful, and he promised to lay it all out at his next few appointments. 

As Alice predicted, Carlisle went further down the strip mall to a coffee shop while Alice and Esme watched our first routine. Alice was eager to sign up, and I showed her a few moves before she left. She giggled and whispered that she would have to use them on her fiancé later. I was just glad Edward didn't overhear; no matter how much he might learn to like Jasper in the future, surely he didn't want to know about his sister having sex.

I hear footsteps on the tile as I rinse my face. “Ocupada!” I call out.

I hear Edward’s chuckle before I open my eyes and grin at him. “I locked the doors after the last woman felt up my bicep for the third time,” he informs me, sounding amused.

“You’ve disappointed the women of Seattle by informing as many as you could that you’re taken.”

“I hear the owner of this establishment is pretty hot, but I might have to sue for sexual harassment. I was manhandled today.”

I laugh at the twinkle in his eye, shutting off the water and taking the towel he holds out to me. “You were womanhandled,” I correct. I wrap the towel around my wet hair and grab another one off the shelf.

He laughs, and the sound echoes off the tiles. I step out of the shower and over to one of the benches, using it to prop my foot on as I start drying my leg. “We did so well, today, Edward,” I enthuse. “I can't believe how many people signed up for classes! We’ll have to-”

My words are cut off as he does some manhandling himself, pushing me up against the wall next to the shower. The towel I had wrapped around my head falls off, and my wet hair tumbles down my shoulders. “I can't wait another second, Bella. Please tell me you feel it, too.” He skims his nose down my neck, and I shiver as the desire races up my spine.

“I feel it, too, Edward. I always feel it around you.”

He crushes his mouth to mine, and I welcome his assault with my arms and legs wrapped around his body.

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