Monday, September 18, 2017

Right Where I Want to Be Chapter 20

Despite agreeing to let him have complete control ‘just this once’, I’m still not exactly sure how I find myself completely naked and tied to a padded table in Edward’s house. Blindfolded, no less. He slipped headphones over my head and turned on some sexy music in my ears. My arms are bound over my head, my knees are pulled up, and my calves are tied to my thighs before being tied to the table. I can only feel the draft from the air conditioner, which makes my nipples tighten. There’s the sensation of being watched, a prickling that runs along my skin where his gaze lands. 

There’s skin-on-skin contact on my fingers, running down my arm to my shoulder, and then it’s gone. I feel a warm wetness circle my nipple, and I arch into his mouth. His entire fully clothed body leans over mine and he grasps my chin gently, almost but not quite kissing me. I feel my breath stutter, listening to the song change in my ears. It’s all swelling string instruments with a weeping piano joining in. I jolt at the freezing sensation running over my lips, cold liquid dripping down my neck as the ice melts. I feel a cold, wet trail as he runs ice down my body, circling each nipple and dragging it down my torso and around my navel, where the sensation causes me to arch against my restraints again, crying out. Then he runs the ice up and down my slit until I’m a trembling mess.

My eyes fly open as he covers my mouth with his hand, and I stare at the black void of the satin blindfold as his mouth makes another pass over each plane and dip of my body. Releasing my mouth, his hands caress my quivering legs, stroking around my throbbing pussy but never touching it. I’ve never experienced such sensory deprivation before, giving all of my trust over to Edward as he removes everything but him and his touch. My muscles clench in anticipation and need, and I find myself crying out again. His hands leave my skin, and I whimper. There's his scent in my nostrils, the warm and spicy cologne that he wears, and then his mouth is assaulting mine, swallowing my cries. His tongue invades my mouth, circling and plunging before retreating. He sucks my lip into his mouth, and then he’s gone again.

My breathing is labored; I can't catch enough air as I pant, as time ceases to exist. Without warning, Edward’s cock is buried deep in my body, my legs pressed further open and into the table from the weight of him. There’s a hand over my mouth again, so that every moan and whine dies in my throat. The only sensation I’m left with is Edward and his cock, thrusting deeply and holding before pulling out again and slamming back in. I throw my head back, thrashing it side to side as unequaled pleasure rips through me, finally giving me release. I feel his body cover mine again, his pace slowing, and the blindfold and headphones disappear.

I gaze into heated green eyes and bite my lip. My heart jumps in my chest at his expression, and then he stills himself, his thighs pressed tightly to me. His hands roam everywhere, giving me the touch I was missing. I want to push his shirt off, run my hands over his chest, but my hands are still tied above me.

It’s pretty obvious by now that Edward owns my heart, though I never consciously gave it to him. There’s no going back now.