Monday, April 16, 2018

12 Days of Christmas- 4

9 Ladies Dancing

There was no way I was getting on that stage with the other girls. I didn't care if it was amateur night, they couldn't pay me enough to dance in front of strangers and take off my clothes.

As I studied my friends preparing to take the stage, a group of men ran past us, whooping and hollering as they went. They jumped on the stage, and I tried to count them as they started gyrating to the music pumping out of the speakers. My attention was diverted by the hot guy with the crazy ruddy brown hair flopping in his face, the extremely toned abdomen as he ripped his shirt over his head and tossed it to the audience. I couldn't help but laugh giddily as it hit me in the face, the spicy warm scent of his cologne intoxicating me and encouraging me to jump up there with them. My girlfriends screamed my name as I felt bold enough to dance back and forth, joining each man separately in dirty dancing style moves.

When I reached the man whose shirt I had tucked into my waistband, I felt like I was already drunk. My usual inhibitions fled my mind when the handsome stranger wrapped his long fingers around my waist, searing the flesh between my shirt and pants. I wasn't comfortable with taking my clothes off, despite this being a strip club, but apparently the men had no such qualms. Shirts flew, belts were unbuckled, and pants dropped. The audience was at a deafening level now, almost drowning out the heavy sexual beat of the music.

When he dipped his head to kiss me, I could only place my hand on the sharpest jaw I'd ever seen and allow it. My eyes automatically closed, letting all other sensations take over. The prickly stubble along his jaw as it scratched the pads of my fingers, the warmth that spread from our joined lips and down my throat to my chest. It pooled between my legs, eliciting a moan that stayed trapped between our mouths. His breath tasted like peppermint, tingling my tongue with it's flavor. He smelled the way his shirt had, cologne and male musk mingling in my nose. It was all so overwhelming, and when he whispered in my ear, it tingled until I shivered and moaned again.

"Come to my room with me," he said huskily.

My head nodded before my brain caught up with the intent behind the action. Before I could blink, he was towing me off the stage, out of the club, and to the bank of elevators. I handed his shirt back over so he wasn't exposed in the middle of the lobby.

When the doors opened, there was a strange combination of perfect clarity and blurry-eyed bliss as he pushed me against the elevator wall, kissing me again as his hands seemed to touch me everywhere at once.

"Please," he ground out in my ear. "Please, tell me you're okay with this."

I nodded furiously as his lips caressed the shell of my ear. "Yes," I choked out. "God, yes."

The doors opened, and he led me sedately down the hall, whistling. He slipped his key card out of his pocket and pressed it against the locking mechanism. When the light flashed green, a tightening started in the pit of my stomach and spread down to my groin before flashing out to my fingers and toes.

He went in ahead of me, heading to the drawer of the table by the bed and pulling out a fistful of condoms. They fanned themselves out across the bed like a rainbow, and I did a happy dance on the inside. They were extra large, and there were plenty of them. Oh, Lord, they were extra large and there were so many of them!

"I've never done this before." I felt awkward admitting it, but some of the high was burning off and nerves were kicking in.

When I turned back to look at him, he was standing there only wearing his low slung, unfastened jeans. I studied his strong shoulders, his broad chest with the defined muscles, down his sculpted abs to the hip bones visible on either side. I think I must have started to sweat right about then, because the room became unbearably hot and I pulled my shirt away from my body to fan myself with it.

"Do you want to leave?" he asked quietly, concern etched on his face.

That simple sentence was all it took, really. Knowing that he was good with it either way gave me more confidence. I walked right up to him, taking him by the back of the head and bringing his mouth to mine. It was thrilling to have control over him, as his hands went to my waist and he swayed us, as though we were still dancing.

He broke away from my kiss, his hands stroking up and down my back. "Are you comfortable?"

He looked directly in my eyes, and I was lost to the honest gleam I saw there. "I am," I answered quietly, and I discovered that it was true.

"Then tell me when you're ready for me to fuck you, yeah?" His gruff words were softened by the way he circled me around the hotel room like we were waltzing. He pulled at the hem of my shirt, warm fingers touching the skin of my back. I stepped far enough away to pull my blouse over my head, and his gaze darkened as it landed on my bra. I was rather proud of the blue lace I'd recently purchased for this trip. I was suddenly eager for him to see the matching underwear, so I pulled my jeans off as well.

Everything moved faster then. Nearly naked equaled a fast forward button, and his jeans followed mine to the floor. He backed me to the bed, and my thighs rested against the mattress. Leaning around me, he swept the condoms away except for one, which he opened as he stared at me. My mouth watered as I watched him remove his underwear, straightening and showing his impressive penis. Like a hawk going in for the kill, I watched him roll the condom over his length, then I smirked as he hopped onto the bed, laying out with his arms behind his head.

I couldn't tell, but I had the feeling he was giving me all the control over our encounter. So I gave him a little show as I rolled my hips, removing my panties first and then shimmying as I took off my bra. I straddled him on the bed, trapping his cock between us as his hands massaged my breasts. When his fingers skimmed down my torso to my clit, I rocked towards him, moving over him until we both were moaning. I didn't mind at all when he gripped my hips and lifted me, settling me over his cock.

When I sank down on him, letting his size fill me completely, I couldn't believe the connection I felt to this stranger. He'd somehow hypnotized me, mesmerized me, and I couldn't get close enough to him as I lowered until our chests met. I kissed him, looking into his eyes as I moved over him, chasing some unknown glory that I had never truly felt before that moment. It came upon me fast and hard, and I cried out the Lord's name as I collapsed over his chest.

He took my shoulders and rolled us, and that cock of his went back to work, impaling me in the most delicious way. He was beautiful above me, his eyes closed tightly, his jaw clenched, that messy hair falling in his face even more as he swiveled his hips to bring himself satisfaction.

"My name is Bella," I breathed. My hands were clutching his shoulders, and his muscles tensed and relaxed as he slowed, looking at me.

He grinned, crooked and sweet. "Edward. It's nice to meet you."

"The pleasure is really mine," I laughed, and he began moving faster again, his long length sliding in and out, grunting his satisfaction as he grew nearer to his release. It was my name that fell from his lips as he orgasmed, stilling inside my body and holding me as close as two people can be.

"It really is nice to meet you. How long are you here?" He kissed my temple as he spoke.

"The rest of the week," I answered. "Then I go back to Seattle."

He lifted his head and looked at me. "That's where I'm from, Bella."

I gave him a huge grin. "So maybe we use all those colorful condoms you brought with you, and meet up again when we get home."

"Assuming I let you go at all."

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