Monday, April 16, 2018

12 Days of Christmas- 3

10 Lords A Leaping

"I am angry with you!"

"Why would you be angry with me?" he asked in a haughty tone of voice.

"Is there anything I can do for you, milord," she mocked in a higher pitched voice. "Let me touch your bicep and pretend it is not unseemly to do so! Ugh!"

He laughed, which only increased her ire. "She was but a servant, Isabella. She is of no consequence."

"Is that what she tells you when you are bedding her? That I will never find out because she is of no notice?" she tossed out.

His eyes darkened at that. "Do not insult me, wife. I do not take other women to bed, though I would be within my rights to do so."

"At least you admit you wish to do exactly that, merely because it is your right. Who am I to stand in your way. I'm positive the maidens are already abed, but maybe Harriet the housekeeper is still awake!" Her cheeks blazed red as her voice rose higher.

He moved to her, a quickly calculated step. He grabbed her upper arms none too gently. "My lady, you are jealous," he pointed out, as though this explained everything.

She huffed and wished to spit in his face at his arrogance. "If there is no adultery, why do you need to flirt? Am I not enough for you?" Her voice cracked as her ire was replaced with uncertainty.

"It was not flirting on my part. I dismissed the wench soon enough, and now I find myself in your chamber while you rail at your husband." His fingers toyed with the top of her bodice. "Do you need reminding that I belong to you, and you to me?"

"Maybe I do," she said breathily, quickly catching up to his mood.

His fingers dipped into the lace and fondled her breasts, pulling at the fabric until one white globe was exposed to the coolness of the room. Her nipple peaked at his touch as he rolled it between his long fingers. She stared him down, unflinching when he yanked at her bodice and ripped it down the seam. When he crashed his mouth to hers, she wrapped her arms around his head and held him to her.

He backed away and tugged on her clothes, and she helped him remove the heavy brocade gown. He grew frustrated at the many ties and layers, wishing he'd thought to have her handmaiden undress her before this altercation. Off came petticoats and off came britches, off went his shoes and her hair pins tumbled to the floor unheeded. When they were bare as the day they were born, he picked her up and tossed her onto the bed. She sat up to meet him as he crawled up in her direction.

Pulling her to him, he lifted her by the hips and seated her over his cock, letting her sink down and engulf him in her warmth.

"You are my wife. You are the only one I fuck, Isabella."

"Yes, Edward," she whimpered, rolling her hips and pleasuring her husband.

"Say it, Isabella," he demanded, kneading her heavy breasts in his hands.

"Say what, my lord?" she asked seductively.

He squeezed his eyes closed and groaned into her neck. His movements sped, trying to force a faster pace. "You know how much I love it when you call me that."

"When I call you what, my lord?" she asked innocently, squeezing him with her inner muscles.

"Gods, Isabella!" he shouted, coming inside of her so hard he saw spots of light.

Reaching between them, he moved his fingers to the place she loved him to play with, pinching and rolling and gliding his fingers around where they were still joined. He reveled in watching her lose all decorum, to become wild and abandon decency in his arms. Only he was given this side of her, only when they were alone did she wail like the legendary banshee when he played her body just right.

When their bodies were still, they reclined together on the bed and kissed softly. "I will make a better effort to send the servant girls away quicker."

"It was as you claimed, Edward. They make me jealous," she admitted.

"Whatever for?"

She blushed, the enticing color moving up her chest to her cheeks. "Because I am riddled with strange feelings as I grow your son inside my womb."

"Isabella!" He grinned, looking directly in her large, dark eyes. "Is it true?"

She nodded, pleased. "Aye," she said softly, guiding his hand to her flat stomach. "It is early yet, but soon you will feel him as he kicks. He will be strong, like his father."

"She will be strong, and smart, and beautiful like her mother," he corrected, the adoration clear on his face.

"I have everything I've ever wanted, Edward."

He kissed her. "As do I, my lady. As do I."


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