Monday, April 9, 2018

(Un)Requited Chapter 10

Bella and I spend the flight back to Seattle talking about the five years we were apart. It's been a long time coming, and I'm more than happy to tell her there's been nobody special in the interim.

"I had a few girlfriends, but nobody I stayed with for more than a few months. I just couldn't find that spark, Bella." I look her in the eyes. "I found it once, and I didn't want to substitute it with something only half-ass."

"You promise you weren't a man whore?" she giggles.

"I promise, love. There hasn't been anyone at all, in… I guess seven months, maybe eight."

She sighs. "Well, you know I was with Riley, but not the whole time. He hit on me immediately, but I put him off. I wasn't over you," she says softly. I brush her hair out of her face with my hand.

"He charmed you, didn't he?"

"Did he ever. Said he was willing to wait patiently, and he did. It was a year before I agreed to go on a date with him, then six more months before we said we would be exclusive. Even so, I wouldn't… sleep with him. It was a good long time before I decided I wanted to be physical with him. It wasn't… like you said, I'd had that spark, and it sure as hell wasn't there with him. He joked that we'd get better with time, but I guess I settled for whatever mediocre affection he was showing me."

Toying with the strand of her hair in my fingers, I lean in close to her ear. "You didn't experience multiple stimulatory experiences, Bella?" I whisper.

She shudders slightly. "Ah, no."

"Pity," I say as I lean back away from her.

She sighs, breathily. I do believe she's turned on.

"It all came crashing down when he proposed. I understood with a clarity I hadn't achieved before that I was settling for comfortable, and that's fucking boring."

"You had comfortable sex with your comfortable boyfriend, before you realized that he was actually a bow-legged swamp donkey in disguise?"

She laughs. "At least." She looks at me carefully. "I absolutely remember that we were never boring, never merely comfortable. We had something special, and I want to see if it withstood the time we were apart. I'm truly sorry that I hurt you so much by leaving, even if it was for a good reason."

"I know, but I can't unlove you, Bella." I take her hand, resting it over my heart. "This beats for you. It always will."

She lays her head on my chest, and I run my hands down her hair repeatedly while I listen to the sounds of the plane's engines, and her steady breathing. There's no way I'm letting anything fuck this up this time.

oOo oOo

We have a party planned at my apartment a week after we return from Arizona. I haven't met Alice's boyfriend, and Bella thought it would be nice to have them and Emmett and Rose over.

Now, I'm no Martha Fucking Stewart, but I can whip up some whore's devours like nobody's business. Bella watches me from the barstool while I wrap brie in phyllo dough and throw it in the oven. For my next trick, I smear goat cheese on tiny toast, then fig jam and a slice of prosciutto.

"Where did you learn this shit?" she asks incredulously.

"Putting jam on toast? Bella, that's a basic life skill." Putting down my knife, I lean across the bar and tap her lightly on the nose with my finger, then run it down over her lips. "Do you need help mastering fine motor skills, sweetie? I'm sure I can come up with something."

She rolls her eyes and snorts at me. "I'm good, thanks. I want to know where you learned to cook."

"This is not cooking. This is utilizing cheese and jars of jam to make it appear as though I can cook." I swivel my hips suggestively. "I can only really cook in the bedroom. I'm so hot I'd set the sheets on fire. Can we test the smoke alarm, Bella?"

She grabs the dishtowel and pops my ass with it.

"What? Safety first. You have to test them frequently to ensure proper function." She's laughing, which is pretty much my only goal in life. She truly has a beautiful laugh. The timer goes off, and I pull out the brie. I set up a plate with crackers and move the brie over carefully, emptying a jar of blackberry preserves over the top of the dough.

"Oh my God, Edward, that smells so good." The semi I've been trying to work around turns into a full-on boner at the sound of her 'oh my god'.

"Fuck it," I mutter, dropping my hot pad and pan in the sink. I stalk over to her, the widening of her eyes the only indication that she knows what's coming. My hands go immediately to her head, cradling it possessively as I devour her mouth with my own. The stool falls over with a resounding clatter that can't possibly compete with the sound of blood rushing from my head- as it drains to my cock. Her back is to the wall, and I have no recollection of moving us there. She gropes desperately over my back, fisting my vintage Superman t-shirt. She tugs almost painfully on my hair as she pulls my head back to lick and suck on my neck.

"Jesus Christ," I grind out as she bites on the side of my neck. My hands are roaming now, lifting her skirt and finding her sopping wet pussy hiding under silky panties. When she releases my head, I drop to my knees in front of her. I hear her gasp, and I glance up to see her trying to find something to hold on to, but it's just smooth wall.

Slowly, my hands travel up her legs, caressing her thighs and finding the top of her panties. Pulling them down, I lean in to her, running my nose along her inner thighs. Testing her, I snake out my tongue and use the tip to tease her folds. She whimpers, her head thrown back, her feet sliding further apart. She grips my hair again, urging me toward her. No problem, my love.
When I spread her with my fingers and touch her sensitive on-switch with my tongue, she cries out. Loud. This only spurs me on, and I lick her over and over, swirling my tongue, paying extra attention to her clit. Shifting, I curl two fingers into her pussy, and she cries out again. Her loud cry, mixing with her heavy panting breaths tell me that she's close. Her hips are undulating, meeting the thrust of my fingers, and I swirl my tongue around her clit again and again.

"Ugh! Ed- Edwaaard!" she keens, and I move my hands to her hips to hold her up as she slumps.

My mouth returns to hers, and she sucks my lips into her mouth, which makes me growl. "So fucking sexy, Bella," I manage between kisses. Her hand is on my junk now, stroking me through my jeans. I'm the panting mess now, breathing hard in her ear. When the button is released, I freeze, unsure of her intentions. We haven't crossed into this territory since I moved back, and I'm excited and scared as fuck at the same time. We are Lewis and Clark at this point, and I have no idea if the natives are friendly.

Down goes my zipper, way too slowly for my taste. My mouth is latched onto Bella's, her tongue moving with mine in her mouth. Her hand is slipping past the waistband of my boxer briefs, and my abdominal muscles clench in anticipation. Her fingers graze the tip of my erection, the most sensitive place she can touch. My hips buck against her hand, pressing us together.

"Mmmm," I groan intelligently as her hand works its way further. My hands find her bare ass, really fucking pleased that she hasn't pulled her panties up yet. My head drops to her neck as she strokes my length, my tongue swirling on her throat as she pants in my ear.

There's a knocking in my brain. More like a banging noise. There it is again, what the actual fuck?

"Edward?" I hear through my boner induced fog. Bella's hand stops moving.

"No, don't stop, for the love of—"

"Edward!" I hear through the front door. God dammit.

"We have guests," Bella whispers. She clears her throat. "I'll, uh, I'll answer the door. You fix that," she says as she waves towards my pants. She pulls her underwear up, smooths her hair, and heads to the front door. I turn, sulking, and head to the bathroom.

"Hi, guys! It's so good to see you," I hear from behind me. "Edward has just stepped off to the restroom, he'll be right back."

Fuck my sexless sex life.

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