Monday, April 16, 2018

12 Days of Christmas- 2

11 Pipers Piping

Today is Bella's first day as the Forks High School band teacher. Despite my teasing her about being a band geek, she has immense passion and talent for playing the flute. Walking down the familiar halls, I head to the band room to pick her up and take her to dinner to celebrate a successful first day.

I spot her through the window in the door, putting away sheet music and straightening things up. I just watch her for a minute, enjoying her in her element. She looks up and sees me, and I wave and open the door to visit with my love.

"I'm almost finished," she says, smiling at me.

"Take your time," I reply as I kiss her hair.

She tells me about her day, and I watch her become more excited as she uses her hands to elaborate her thoughts. She's flushed in the face as she says the kids liked her and actually listened, which was her only worry. She becomes more animated and pleased with her career, and I become turned on as she talks.

"Bella," I say as she pauses. She looks at me in question. "You are so hot right now." I move closer to her, running my hand into her hair. "The more content you are with your job and your talent, the more you turn me on."

She smiles up at me in her happiness, and I lower my head to meld my lips to hers. She opens to me, pliant and responsive. Sweeping our tongues together, she moans and my dick twitches harder. Fisting her hair in one hand and her shirt in the other, I lean her backwards as I devour her.

She breaks away to breathe heavily. "I'm the last one here, Edward."

"Is that so?" I whisper. She nods, so I back her over to her desk, a smirk on my face. She grins, quick and happy, as I pull her demure pencil skirt up to her waist and lift her to sit on the edge of the desk.

I dip again, kissing her thoroughly as I play around the edges of her panties with my fingers. When she's panting and moaning, I lean her back, pulling the lace off swiftly and tucking it in my pocket. Stroking down her body, I nudge her knees further apart as I lean down, kneeling at the altar of my precious wife. Nose skimming, tongue tasting, I reach her clit and take it between my lips, gently pulling and tugging, changing to long languid licks of my tongue as she writhes and moans.

I can tell she's almost there when she starts scrambling for something to hold on to, settling on a death grip on the edges of her desk. Short screams are broken off with heavy breaths, and I smile as I add a few fingers to my efforts. Teasing and twirling, I push them in finally, curling them against her g-spot and watching in fascination as her upper body lurches up.

"Fuck!" she spits out, clamping her legs around my neck. I have to stop and pull them away before she suffocates me, and I chuckle at her enthusiasm.

"Easy, sweetheart," I coo. "Come on, Bella, come for me."

It only takes another few passes of my tongue around her clit before she struggles not to scream, her legs trembling and her back arching as she moans low and long.

When she leans up on her elbows, I stand next to her, smoothing her hair down and smiling at her. "Are you ready to go to dinner?"

She shakes her head. "You are incredible, Edward. We will definitely finish this at home later." She stands alongside me.

"Yeah, we will," I growl in her ear and pull her underwear out of my pocket to twirl them around my finger as she fixes her skirt. "And you're not getting these pretty things back any time soon."

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