Monday, April 9, 2018

(Un)Requited Chapter 15

Something wakes me from a deep sleep. Dreams mix with reality as I register the fact that Bella is what woke me. Her kneading hands, softly seeking fingertips, warm wet lips. Already hard, my breathing has changed and I gasp in air. It's not enough to fill my lungs, which refuse to expand. I gasp again as warmth envelops me, blinking, trying to get my bearings. Her room, her bed, darkness, and incredible sensations. Instinct takes over, my hips moving with hers, my hands finding her nipples and tugging. Now sounds flood my ears, her moans and my own, her sighs, her breath coming quickly as she nears her orgasm. Roaming her skin, knowing the map of her body in my mind, my fingers find her clit and rub in circles, spurring on that high that we are always chasing. When she comes, she comes hard, and I can hear her teeth snap together before her luscious body quivers and clamps down on mine.

When she drapes over me, breathing lustily in my ear, I sit up, holding her to me. My mouth meets with hers in a searing kiss, until neither of us can breathe.

"Not done just yet, baby," I whisper in the dark.

I roll us, my hands going to her hips so I can find my way back into the place I love to be. Her hands on my back, in my hair, her soft cries echoing around us, all compete until I'm the one chasing glory.

We lay in complete darkness, panting, sweating. I can see her face in my mind's eye, and she's smiling softly, satisfied.

"I love you," she whispers, and there's not a day I'll tire of hearing that.

"You love my sexy body, and what I can do with my tripod."

She laughs, and the sound is loud in the hushed room. "Asshole."

"Is my middle name."

"You can't claim that many middle names."

"I can do what I want," I taunt as I find her slickness with my fingers, slipping them inside as I tease her nipples with my tongue and teeth.

"F-fuck," she stutters.

"That's my middle name, too." My long fingers come in handy as I work her until she's practically begging me to fuck her again. And then I fuck her again.

oOo oOo

"I'm just saying, if he gets within arm's reach, knock his teeth out for me," I say as I pour her a thermos of coffee.

"Not going to happen, Edward. I have to keep my job, I love my job. If he steps out of line I'll report him. Otherwise, I can smile and kill him with kindness."

"I hate when you're right," I grumble.

"I love you for getting up with me. I'll see you this afternoon."

"I love you for waking me with your pussy. Now I'm going back to bed." I kiss her smiling mouth goodbye. "Don't forget I have practice today, it'll be around four when I get home."

"I like the sound of home," she admits.

"So do I, baby."

I head back to the dark bedroom as she leaves, and I sink into her pillow, inhaling the scent of her perfume and the love we made. We're sharing time between apartments, but I hope to change that soon. I don't know whose place would make more sense, but I just signed a lease a few months ago. As I drift back to sleep, I remind myself to ask her when her lease is up.

oOo oOo

Practice is exactly what I need. It's been a long few months without it, and I've been substituting with the gym and running so I don't go soft.
I see Emmett on the side of the field as I come up, and I can't resist starting shit. "Look, it's the harbinger of doom!" I shout.

He looks up as I approach. "I've been trying to come up with a nickname for you, thanks."

I shoulder him in the arm. "I meant you, bitch."

He laughs in that loud way of his. "I know, Cullen. What have you been up to?"

"I was up at 4 in the A.M. getting some, what have you been up to?"

"What in the blue hell makes you think I meant your sex life?" Emmett asks, swiping a hand over his face.

"Didn't you?" I ask innocently. "Yesterday I had the pleasure of putting a delusional asshole in his place."

"That Riley chick?" Emmett asks, and I laugh.

"Yeah, she swears she and Bella would be happily married by now if not for me."

"If wishes and buts were beer and nuts, I'd be having me a party instead of standing here wishing it were a tiny bit warmer on this field." He scratches his ear. "He really is delusional, huh? She still working with him?"

"She is, despite me having begged repeatedly for her to clothesline him. Words like 'assault' and 'unemployment' keep her from following through with my request."

"I imagine that's hard for you, watching her interact with him on set." He and I watch some of the men that are doing stretches before I respond.

"Yeah, but she loves that job. I can't pressure her to do anything serious. He'll fuck up, I have to believe that."

"Yeah, maybe you're right." Emmett looks down at his clipboard, where his watch is attached. "Time to get out there, Cullen. Show me how many mountain climbers you can do."

"You just want to watch my ass as I exercise, don't you?" I ask in a feminine voice.

"That's the whole reason I have this job," he replies. He raises his voice. "Let's go, girls! Starting with mountain climbers, 5 minutes!"

I groan before heading away, but this is what I live for. Correction, this is what I used to live for. But I still love it.

Bella is in the kitchen getting a drink with the radio playing in the background, when I get back to her place that afternoon. She has this crazy smile on her face, like she's heard she's won the lottery. Curious, I drop my gear by the door and go to her.

"What's up?" I ask as I wrap my arms around her.

"I found out a little something today, and it explains so much." She kisses me, then leans back to look me in the face.

"What is it?" I ask, my eyebrows raised.

"There are rumors going around that Riley's contract is almost up, and the producers are thinking of going in a different direction."

"That's why he's been so desperate for you to agree to marry him."

She nods her head. "Yep. Following the story of two anchors that met on set and dated before marrying, might be of more interest than what they have planned instead." She grins again, kissing my neck and pushing up on her tiptoes to kiss under my jaw.

"What-what direction are they going in?" I stutter as her hands find the waistband of my sweats.


"Thank God for women, but what about them?" Her hands find their intended target, and I forget what we're talking about.

"All female anchors." Her tongue snakes out, swirling up and down my throat as her hand strokes Dick Wiggler. "That's the direction they're going."

"That's hot," I manage.

"Really?" she murmurs.

"What you're doing." I swallow as my not-so-slim-jim twitches in her hands. "Jesus, Bella."

"Tsk, tsk, using the Lord's name in vain," she teases.

"I don't- I don't fucking care." Her hand is moving faster now, and I have to either stop her or blow all over the both of us. "Baby. The bed, the couch, fuck, even the floor."

"I think I choose the table," she growls. Holy hot fucking girlfriend.

She releases me and my junk, backing up to the kitchen table as I rip off my shirt, stalking toward her. Her pupils are dilated, the beautiful brown depths almost obscured by the more primal side of her nature. When I reach her, I bump us both into the edge of the table, and my hands go directly to her face. Our mouths clash, and she surprises me by biting my lower lip before sucking it into her mouth and licking it.

"What dirty things do you want me to do to you on this table, Bella?" My hands mold themselves to her breasts, moving clothing out of my way so I can drop my head to her glorious tits.

"God!" she cries out instead. Good, I've left her unable to form a sentence.

"He's not the one pleasuring you, I am." I turn her, pushing at her back until she leans over the table. I quickly pull her pants down, kneeling to remove everything from around her ankles. It's such an interesting view; her heart shaped ass in my face, her wetness glistening for me to see. I run my hands over her cheeks, stroking down to her inner thighs, running my tongue up until I reach her pussy. Disney really has nothing on this as the Best Place on Earth.

There's nothing godly about the noises she's making as I bring her to the brink, backing off at the last minute. As I stand upright, she whimpers, and I catch the glare she throws over her shoulder.

"Dammit, Edward, that's not funny," she complains breathlessly.

"For once, I'm not making a joke," I chuckle as I pull off my pants completely. I push her quivering legs apart further, entering her swiftly and making her cry out again.

"Apparently," she answers, her hands finding the opposite edge of the table. The table itself squeaks across the linoleum floor.

"Fuck, Edward!"

"There's that dirty mouth." Hard, fast thrusts get me where I need to be, and soon we're both grunting. She finishes with a loud wail, and I find myself leaning over her, gathering her warm body to mine as everything rushes out of me.

When I come down from the fucktastic orgasm, I realize I've heard the song on the radio before, and I can't help singing the words into her skin.

"I hear your laugh like a serenade." Pulling out of her, I turn her and gather her into my arms, sitting with her in one of the chairs. "How long do you wanna be loved? Is forever enough, 'cause I'm never, never giving you up," I sing softly to her as she breathes evenly, clutching my hair in her hands as she curls into my lap. I tighten my hold around her. "I slip in bed when you're asleep, to hold you close and feel your breath on me." Kissing the top of her head, I sing the next line and stroke her back. "So tonight I'll drift in a dream with you."

"I love you so much, Edward," she says quietly.

"As I love you, Bella." We sit there together, listening to the end of the song on the radio.

After a few minutes have passed, she gets up and grabs her clothing. I stand and help her get dressed, and she laughs at me pulling her shirt over her head. When I get my own clothes on, I just stand there for a few minutes and hold her.

"I think we should move in together," she says into my faded soccer t-shirt.

Though it's probably inappropriate, I laugh. I can't believe that she's finally on the same page as me.

"Or not," she retorts grumpily.

"Bella, I'm sorry for laughing. It's just that I've been thinking the same thing for awhile now."

She lifts her face and looks at me. "Really? Here I thought I was being modern and forward by asking you, and you were thinking of asking me."

"I've been thinking of you for the past six years, Bella. It just took you some time to figure out if you returned my feelings."

"Requited, or unrequited?" she murmurs.

"That is the question. Or it used to be. I know how I feel about you, and it's always been a feeling I can't contain. I would say I'd die for you, and I would." I lift her face to mine so she can meet my eyes. "Instead, I'll say I'll live for you. Every day, for the rest of my life."

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