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Capo di tutti Capi Chapter 1

All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of S. Meyer. The original plot is the only thing that belongs to me. No copyright infringement is intended.

Credit to SarcasticBimbo for her beta skills, coppertopj for pre-reading and making my collages, and starsmina for pre-reading.

This started as my entry to the We Love Mobward contest, but I've changed what was the one-shot and extended it. Each chapter is 1,000+/- words and it will post on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Being Mobward, I think we all know that it's M for violence, language, and lemons. This is my first attempt at this genre, so I hope you like it.

Capo di tutti Capi~ boss of all bosses


He inclined his burnished head and I followed, watching his long black overcoat swirling around his knees as he moved swiftly in front of me. It was always erotic watching the power my husband exuded; after all, as the Capo di tutti Capi of the Cullen Crime family, and CEO of MC Enterprises, he was the most powerful man walking the streets of Seattle. We quickly strode across the empty and cold warehouse, the rhythm of our footsteps echoing in the large space. We stopped in front of the three men who were lined up on their knees, with their hands bound behind them and rags shoved in their mouths. For their crimes against the family, they had already been charged, judged, and convicted; we were the executioners who would carry out their sentences.

As the enforcers who were charged with babysitting them until our arrival stepped away from their positions behind the men, we stepped forward to exact justice. We raised our weapons simultaneously, firing and hitting our intended targets without one word spoken. Each man received a shot from each of us between the eyes. As the last man kneeling hit the floor, we turned and exited the warehouse, our footsteps once again echoing, but softer, beneath that of the gunshot blasts. We didn't usually carry out executions personally, but it never hurt to enhance our already ruthless reputation.

When we exited into the cool Seattle night air, I pulled my heavy coat tighter around my neck and stepped into the waiting limo, my husband climbing in after me. The second the driver closed the door, my man was all over me. "It is so goddamn hot to watch you take control, to snuff out those that would jeopardize our family."

His hands pulled my hair, our open mouths meeting to exchange breaths before we swallowed each other whole. There was nothing sexier than my husband in charge, of me and everything else. I frantically yanked my slacks down, wishing I'd worn a skirt, and pulled on his belt to free his cock, hissing in my throat as it sprang free of his pants and made the most delicious sound as it slapped against his steel hard abs. Straddling his lap, I wasted no time before taking him inside me eagerly, loving the moan that vibrated from his mouth along my throat. One of his large hands gripped my bare ass as I rode him, the other pulling my hair and forcing my head back, as he lavished my neck with kisses. I let out a wanton, whining groan as that hand curved around my neck and applied just enough pressure to have my orgasm slamming into me.

"God, Isabella!" Edward grunted as he came, clutching my hips hard and pressing his face into my breasts. It was still and quiet in the limo for several minutes as we came down from our mutual climaxes.

By the time we reached the restaurant, we again appeared the perfectly groomed power couple, hands clasped as we walked insulated between our guards, and took our seats at the head of the large table in the private dining room. I spread the black linen napkin over my lap before taking a sip of the wine that appeared at my elbow without others filed into the room, taking their customary seats around us at the table. Though the front windows of the restaurant were bulletproof, there could never be a clear line of sight to either of us from the front door. It never hurt to be careful.

"Jasper, Emmett," my husband greeted his most trusted men. They nodded in deference as their own drinks were placed in front of them.

Without delay, I started the meeting. "Explain to us how this happened," I began in my most authoritative tone.

"They snuck in past Black and Newton at the Meyer Street warehouse. When they realized it, it was already too late; the men had gotten away with a delivery truck full to the brim," Emmett reported in a hard voice.

"Even trying to be a legitimate company backfires," Jasper muttered under his breath.

"Who was responsible for stopping them before they managed to get away?" I demanded, ignoring Jasper's comment.

"Garrett and Eli," Emmett named two of our best soldiers. I nodded, unsurprised.

"Give them a bonus," Edward said offhandedly.

"MCE can only go so far into legitimacy if we're still continuing the practice of eliminating those that cross us," Jasper pointed out. "If we're in the murder business, we're not operating legally."

I leveled him with my best steely glare. "Let your bosses worry about how things are handled," I snapped. I knew we were struggling to go completely clean, with the other Seattle families challenging us at every turn, especially the Volturis. Jasper dipped his golden head in acquiescence, and I focused my gaze on the ticking muscle in Edward's cheek instead. I stroked my hand along his thigh to calm him down, because the last thing we needed was him blowing his cool at the table. He had a reputation for having a nasty temper on a tight leash.

"Black and Newton will be dealt with," he ground out. "Leave us," he demanded. I watched Emmett and Jasper stand and march out, neither looking back as they did.

"We can't kill good men, Edward," I tried to reason. I knew these soldiers, and I knew it was nothing more than an honest mistake.

"If they're incompetent, we can," Edward countered, the corded muscles in his neck flexing as he tried to maintain his control.

"No, Edward, we can't," I insisted. "I grew up with them both, they joined this family because of me," I reminded him. "I know what you're planning, and I do not accept your idea of punishment!" The cool demeanor I normally displayed was rapidly diminishing as I argued for the lives of my friends.

Edward turned to me then, a dangerous inferno building in his eyes. "Isabella, you will not go against my orders. I will decide, and you will comply!"

At that moment I was thankful that the restaurant was currently empty of patrons, because we were making a big enough scene for the employees. "Let me remind you, Edward, I am your wife, not one of your men. Don't you dare speak to me like you run me the way you run the business." I stood, signaling to Liam as I made my way to the door. He accompanied me out, and drove me home in the same limo we'd taken out for the evening. When he opened the front door for me, I headed upstairs and locked myself in our bedroom. I showered and went to bed without worrying or caring where my husband would spend the night, or how he would get home.

Feisty Bella!

See you Thursday.

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